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Fitzmaurice Voicework® Summit

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  1. Sorry for all the questions, but can you explain what the rest and digest session entails and how long it will last? I am a teacher and am encouraging my students to attend. I want to prepare them for what to expect. Thanks!

    1. As all of the summit’s offerings are prerecorded, the rest and digest sessions are live connections to speak with certified teachers of Fitzmaurice Voicework and discuss/unpack/share any discoveries/questions/inspirations that may have come up after viewing the material.

  2. So, just to clarify, when joining from UK 9 a.m CDT is 2 p.m GMT? SO I will log on at 2 p.m here in London to join the start? And it runs for 4 hours, before a break?

    1. Hi, Michael,
      Everything is actually prerecorded. So you are able to engage in the material at your leisure starting at 12 am PST / 6 am GMT. The only sessions that are LIVE are the Rest and Digest Sessions. In your time zone, that would be 4 pm GMT each day.
      Enjoy the summit!

  3. Hi Julia,
    The presentations are all online and each night (every 24 hours) we’ll send out a new email with your link to that day’s presentations. Day One email will be in your inbox in about 6 hours, from
    If you have purchased the All-Access Pass, so that you can view the presentations forever, you’ll receive that link when the 3 days are over, on August 10. Hope that helps. This is so exciting!
    (The links to each day’s Live Rest & Digest are also in each day’s email to you.)

      1. Hi, Lesley,

        Everything is prerecorded. You can jump on right now using the link you received in your email for Day One and engage with the material in your own time. The live Rest and Digest Sessions in your time zone will start at 6:00 pm each day.

    1. Hi, Lucy,

      The presentations are all prerecorded, so there are no specific times. Just access the Day One page via the link that was emailed to you and you can engage in the material at your own pace. The only sessions that are live are the Rest and Digest Sessions. Start times for those are available at the bottom of each day’s page.

  4. I’ve registered for the Summit an hour ago and still have not received a link to the prerecorded presentations. Thanks

    1. Thanks for reaching out. You should receive an email shortly with information about the sessions. Best!

  5. This has been brilliant so far! Enjoying at my own pace as I needed this connection and inspiration during these odd times.

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