August 7, 2020 ~ Day One

(Looking for August 8, Day Two? Right this way….)

It’s DAY ONE, the first day of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Summit! We are so very excited to spend time with each of you.
Below are the links to each of today’s presentations. Everything is prerecorded, except for the Rest and Digest Sessions.

Let’s begin!

15-minute audio-led
Breathing, Feeling, Moving Practice
with Lee Su-Feh



15-minute video-led
Breathing, Feeling, Centering Practice
with Perry Piercy



Hosted by Micha Espinosa

Catherine Fitzmaurice

An insightful and exclusive interview of the Founder of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Catherine Fitzmaurice Kozubei.    

Hosted by Micha Espinosa

Jeff Morrison

The Director of Community Development speaks about the fundamentals of breath, and how it shapes our quality of experience; to support embodiment, presence, and the courage to speak truth.

Hosted by Micha Espinosa

Michael Morgan

Lead Trainer and Director of Social Justice will speak on The Holistic Voice and his life saving work. 



Rest and Digest Live Sessions

~Europe & Africa – 4:00pm GMT – Guided by
Matthew Dudley 

Click Here to join the Europe & Africa session – https://zoo
OR Livestream link: https://yout

~The Americas – 4:00pm CDT – Guided by
Greg Pierotti

Click Here join Americas the session – https://zoo
OR Livestream link: https://yout

~Asia Pacific – 8 August 2020 4:00 pm GMT+8  –
Guided by Petrina Kow

Click Here to  join the Asia Pacific session – https://zoo
OR Livestream link: https://yout


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 Ready for August 8, Day Two? Right this way….

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