Day One

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Keep in mind that each session is prerecorded. Only the Rest and Digest Sessions will occur live each day.

Micha Espinosa, Lead Trainer and Director of Global Outreach,
will take us straight to the source, speaking with the founder of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Catherine Fitzmaurice herself.

We will talk with Jeff Morrison, Lead Trainer and Director of Community Development about the fundamentals of breath, and how it shapes the quality of experience to support embodiment, presence, and the courage to speak truth.
We will also hear about the life-saving work of
Lead Trainer & Director of Social Justice, Michael Morgan.

Welcome from the Summit Team


The welcome team includes:
Margaret Kemp (Director of Creative Activities), Sacramento, California, USA
Certified Teacher Perry Piercy, Kāpiti, New Zealand
Certified Teacher Lee Su-Feh, Vancouver, Canada
Certified Teacher Adi Cabral, Reno, Nevada


15-minute audio-led
Breathing, Feeling, Moving Practice
with Lee Su-Feh




15-minute video-led
Breathing, Feeling, Centering Practice
with Perry Piercy



Host: Lead Trainer &
Director of Global Outreach
Micha Espinosa


An In-depth Interview with
the Founder
Catherine Fitzmaurice

The Art of Breathing
with Lead Trainer and Director of Community Development Jeff Morrison

Fundamentals of breath, and how it shapes the quality of experience
to support embodiment, presence, and
the courage to speak from a place of truth


A Conversation with Michael Morgan, Lead Trainer & Director of Social Justice on the Holistic Voice


Rest & Digest – Live on Youtube and Zoom

Rest and Digest is a term borrowed from studies of the Nervous system, in particular the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).  PNS is responsible for making sure the body rests, digests, heals, and absorbs.  These sessions are the LIVE portion of the summit and an opportunity to engage with Fitzmaurice Teachers who will be guiding embodied inquiry and exploring questions you may have about your experience with the Summits material presented during the Summit.  Our hope is that through these deeper discussions and invitations of physical awareness, together we can rest, digest, synthesise, and absorb the wonders of Fitzmaurice Voicework.

Participation in the Rest and Digest sessions is voluntary.
By attending, you understand that you are responsible for your own behavior and physical involvement during the session.

Europe & Africa – 4:00pm GMT – Guided by Matthew Dudley 

The Americas – 4:00pm CDT – Guided by Greg Pierotti

Asia Pacific – 8 August 2020 4:00 pm GMT+8 – Guided by Petrina Kow


The work approaches the body as a whole system and the vocal mechanism as a part of that totality.”

-Workshop Participant

Fitzmaurice Voicework® supports people in finding and using their unique voices,
in healthy, clear, and creative ways, while also developing greater freedom and presence.

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